We have the right solutions for your supply chain.

Fulfillment, pick-pack, assembly, packaging, dispatch or any other service you require, we have the answer to your most demanding needs.

Business Area

Arts & Crafts

In this white glove area of our business, we´ve special care in unique products, and everything is treated with the care as they´re produced.

Freight Forwarding

Road, Air, Sea or express shipping, we are the right partner for each solution.


We provide all the logistic process for you, including quality control, for B2B and B2C.

Food & Beverages

Wine is an important and fast growing area. From Horeca, to distribution, we´re also growing to the B2C area.


We work with small, medium and large sized gifts.

Home and Textiles

Home accessories and textiles, in which cork, wood, leather and others, are produced and transformed in Portugal, with a high quality.


B2B and B2C, made this sector one of the most important, with daily shipments worldwide.


Electric bikes, skateboards and mobile phones are in our portfolio, providing the proper care needed.

Special Services

Standard Service (B2B)

Integrated and contract logistics for costumers that want a regular and general service.

Tailor Made

A service which is designed according our costumers needs, with industry-specific requirements.

Last mile service

Last mile service is a complex service which connects companies in between them (B2B) and also with final costumers (B2C). This service takes advantage of its location in order to provide bigger efficiency and minimize costs, providing the final delivery from our hubs.

E-commerce (B2C)

A fast growing business area in order to answer a growing global demand. We offer solutions for costumers that need e-commerce service (B2C), adapted to a local and worldwide distribution.

Other Services

Consolidation Packaging

We consolidate your orders and pack them according your specific requirements.

Reverse Logistics

Quality control according your requirements.

Cross Docking

Due to our strategic location, our warehouses are the ideal place for cross docking operations.


Around 2500 m2 to use. We can easily work your store and process your products by unit, box, pallet.


We can create personalised labels for your products, orders or shipments.

Our warehouses

24 Hour Security system

Racks and Hangers

Multiple charging docks

Assembling place with capacity for more than 1000 shipments per day

WMS management system

Orders and stock info in real time

WMS integration with many IS

App L2B with info in real time (In development)

Where we are

Our two facilities in Maia, are one minute away from Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto airport), and five minutes away from Leixões harbour.

Each facility has 1.250m2 and a dock, in which one is prepared for food and beverages, and the other is prepared for e-commerce and retail. Both are also equipped with CCTV, and all the goods in house have insurance.